Operation Red Nose 2013

Operation Red Nose is a free, designated-driver service which
helps to keep our community safe during the holiday season. For the thirteenth year, Operation Red Nose on the North Shore is brought to you by the North Shore Rotary Clubs:

  • Rotary Club of North Vancouver
  • Rotary Club of North Vancouver Lions Gate
  • Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise
  • Rotary Club of Bowen Island

What are the dates and times of operation for 2013?

The service is available from 9 pm to 3 am November 29 & 30, December 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, and 31st. Call 604-619-0942 between 9 pm and
3 am for service on the North Shore or Bowen Island. For other locations, call 1-877-604-6673 (1-877-604-NOSE). Please note that these numbers are only operational on the nights that service is available.

How can you volunteer?

The service is dependent on volunteers. You can help by volunteering yourself or, better still, volunteer as part of a team of three consisting of the driver, the escort driver, and the navigator, or volunteer to help at the headquarters dispatch centre.

To volunteer, download the volunteer forms. As in past years, all volunteer drivers will need to have record checks done by the RCMP to ensure the safety of all Red Nose clients and volunteers. Please complete the forms and take them with 2 pieces of photo ID to the North Vancouver RCMP Detachment at 147 East 14th Street or the RCMP Detachment on Bowen Island. After the RCMP record check is completed, the Rotary volunteer administrator will confirm receipt of the application.

If you have questions about volunteering, call Yazdi at 778-288-8996 or by email at

Who are the Provincial Sponsors

Operation Red Nose is sponsored provincially by ICBC Road Sense and TELUS and BC Liquor Stores.

Who are the North Shore Sponsors

Thank you to the North Shore sponsors who make this program possible. The following sponsors, in conjunction with the provincial sponsors, provide services that make this program possible: the North Shore News, the North Vancouver RCMP detachment, Destination Chrysler North Shore and Tim Horton’s. We are also very grateful to the many generous sponsors who provide additional funding. The sponsors this year include BlueShore Financial, Prudential Sussex Realty, British Pacific Properties, City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, District of West Vancouver and North Shore Studios as well as many local pubs and restaurants. If you would like to be a sponsor for 2013, please contact Brian at 604-981-6667.

How does it work?

The Operation Red Nose service is provided by a team of three volunteers who pick up the motorist and his/her vehicle. Two of the three volunteers ride with the client in his/her vehicle while the third volunteer follows them in his/her own car. These volunteers are the volunteer driver, the navigator and the escort driver. The “driver” drives the client car; the “navigator” accompanies the driver, answers client questions about the service, and prepares the receipt; the “escort driver” picks up the other two volunteers at the client’s destination and drives them to another client location or back to the headquarters. On the North Shore, the "headquarters" location is at the ICBC Claim Centre at 255 Lloyd Avenue, North Vancouver.

Who can use the service?

The Red Nose service is not intended just for people who have been drinking alcohol. Any person who doesn't feel up to driving, due to fatigue or for other reasons, may call on the services of Operation Red Nose. The only requirement is that the client must have a vehicle at the time of the call. In other words: no vehicle, no service. Operation Red Nose is not a taxi service, but rather a volunteer designated-driver service for motorists and their vehicles. If you have guests accompanying you, you need to have enough seat belts to accommodate yourself (car owner), your guests, and two Red Nose volunteers.

What areas are included in the “North Shore” and Bowen Island?

This region covers the whole North Shore including West Vancouver, Deep Cove, and Horseshoe Bay along with the City and District of North Vancouver and rides on Bowen Island.

How do I contact Operation Red Nose?

To reach Operation Red Nose on the North Shore for service on any of the operational nights, call: 604-619-0942 from 9 pm until 3 am.

Please note that this number is for use ONLY on the nights of operation. An alternate number is 1-877-604-6673 (1-877-604-NOSE).

Is Operation Ned Nose available in other locations?

Operation Red Nose is available in thirteen other regions of BC including Abbostford/Mission; Burnaby, Chilliwack; Coquitlam/Tri-Cities ; Delta/Richmond; Langley/Surrey; New Westminster; Kamloops; Nanaimo; Prince George, Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows, and Williams Lake. Call 1-877-604-6673 (1-877-604-NOSE) to reach any of these locations.

How much does it cost?

The service is free; however, donations are gratefully accepted. All proceeds are used to support programs for youth on the North Shore.

Can I book ahead for a specific time?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot accommodate booking ahead.

As a volunteer, do I need to use my car?

Escort drivers are asked to use their own cars. Destination Chrysler does provide a courtesy car which is available for use by the “escort drivers” on a first come basis. You will be compensated for gas costs if requested.

How can you help?

You can help in several ways:

  • Volunteer as a designated or escort driver, a navigator, or an assistant in the dispatch centre.
  • Become a corporate sponsor.
  • Use the service when you are out celebrating.

How can local businesses support Operation Red Nose?

  • Become a corporate sponsor to help offset the costs of providing this service. All our ORN staff are volunteers, and all the proceeds fund youth programs on the North Shore.
  • Tell your employees about the service.
  • Promote the use of the service at your own company holiday events.
  • Encourage your staff and co-workers to volunteer. Better still, host one of the nights with several volunteer teams.

Volunteering is a very rewarding and fun experience.

What are the statistics for 2012 ?

In 2012, North Shore volunteers provided 305 safe rides. They contributed 300 volunteer nights, drove a total of 6,000 kilometers and raised over $18,000 to support youth programs on the North Shore. In BC overall, 4,555 volunteers provided 8,082 safe rides and raised over $191,000 to support youth programs in BC. In all of Canada, 58,319 volunteers provided 87,761 safe rides and raised $1,500,000 for youth programs across the country.

What is the history of Operation Red Nose?

Operation Red nose was started in Quebec in 1984 as a creative way to raise funds and support amateur sports by Dr. Jean-Marie De Koninck, coach of the University of Laval swim team. 2013 will be the 30th year of operation. It has since expanded to other cities in Canada and in Europe. See the web site www.operationrednose.com for more history.

Additional Information

For more information about the program, please contact Jim by phone at 604-837-2362 or by email northshore@operationrednose.com

For more information or questions about how you can volunteer please contact us at volunteer@nsorn.com

You can also check us out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ORNNorthshore