Eye Opener


Mouthpiece of the

Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise

Proceedings of the meeting of May 22, 2014

O Canada


Invocation:  Sam


Guests/Visitors:  Les Staff CTV News Director.





  • Ardath P-M introduced today’s guest speaker CTV News director Les Staff. Mr. Staff is a graduate of Mt. Royal College Calgary and worked in media news in Saskatchewan and Ontario before coming to British Columbia. Les began by telling us how the media market is changing with the advent of the internet and new technology. Interest in news is now focussed on content and as such the content must be relevant and timely for the consumer. Since his appointment Les has concentrated the CTV Vancouver news efforts on: local breaking news. This focus on information has paid off with an annual increase of viewers of 32% in the local market. Mr.Staff notes that 1 rating point in our local market translates into approximately $5 million dollars in advertising revenue annually. Les has a staff of 143 people in Vancouver. Judith H. thanked Les for joining us this morning.


Club Business:

  • Rotary Moment: Brian K. reminded us about Rotary Fellowship groups: from sailing to skiing, motorcycling and travel there is likely a Fellowship group that would interest you. The groups are a great way to make new friends and have new experiences and adventure. For more information to to www.rotary.org
  • Rotary Ride: Karen H. notes that once again Dr. Joe del Vicario and his St. Paul’s OR Team (SPORT) is one of the leaders in fundraising for the Ride. Sign-ups are ahead of last year at this time and additional volunteers will likely be needed on June 7th so invite friends and family to come out and help make the event the most successful ever.

Happy/Sad/50/50: it all adds up to make our 

  • Service efforts more successful.


Meeting adjourned.