- President Ardath welcome one and all to breakfast.

- Rotary Moment: Club member Gordon B. spoke briefly about the history of the Rotary Club of Vancouver this morning. Gordon, a former member of the RC Vancouver (as well as the son of a member), noted that the Club was sponsored in 1913 by a Rotary Club from Seattle WA. The RC  Vancouver was the third Rotary Club chartered in Canada and by 1914 was the largest Rotary Club in the British Empire. During its' 100 years of Service the RC Vancouver has completed hundreds of projects, some (but not nearly all) notable achievements by the Club: the establishment of International House at the University of British Columbia, the founding of The Rotary World Help Network, and the highly praised Hearing Project in our community and around the world.

- Members are reminded that the annual Rotary District 5040 Conference takes place June 17th-20th in Quesnel, the heart of cowboy country.

- Our Club's Rotary Ride for Rescue is scheduled for June 8th, Ride organizers will be approaching Club members with their assignments over the next while. We will need all hands for this so clear your calendar for the day and help your Club do some great work.

- Club members Michael Upward and Bob Michieli will once again represent us in our Ride for Rescue, the intrepid cyclists will attempt to shatter their own records in this daunting, pedalled, 'climb to the clouds' and beyond. If you would like to join Bob and Michael on the quest, or if you would like to support them (and I know you do), talk to either of them and ask how you can help them achieve their 'sky high' aims and 'lofty' goal...a tip of the hat to Jim W. there..

- RC Lionsgate member Anne Marie Ferguson joined us for breakfast and invited us to the upcoming second annual Fashion Show. Working with the Rotary Club of Burnaby the Lionsgate Rotarians will be fundraising for a very important International Project: the establishment of a school (as well as a pig farm!) for hearing impaired children on the Indonesian island of Bali. Hearing impairment disabilities are fairly common in this region owing to a specific genetic trait.
The event takes place June 23rd in the Lexus Showroom at the North Vancouver Auto Mall, tickets $50.00 from any RC Lionsgate member.

- Club Treasurer (and now President Elect 2013-2014) Ted Mac. reminds all members that quarterly dues are owing as of April 1st.

- Brian M. notes that the Lionsgate BNI group will be hosting a golf tournament to raise funds for Kid's Camp experiences. The tourney is May 13th at the Seymour Golf Club. See Brian for details.

- DGN Ken W. advised the membership that Riet Carter will be retiring, after many years of Service, from the position of Director at the Rotary Klahanie Housing project. Klahanie will be needing a new Director, the position is paid and part time, anyone interested should contact Ken W.

- President Ardath introduced todays' guest speaker Club member Judith Harder. Today Judith updated her Vocational presentation for the Club.
Judith is the Corporate Secretary for Cascadero Copper Corp. Cascadero is a prospecting and exploration company operating in North and South America. The company, under President and CEO Bill McWilliams began operations in 2004 with property here in British Columbia. Judith, as Corporate Secretary is responsible for all required legal and regulatory filings in the course of exploration and development. The company acquires property it believes to be of value for mineral extraction, does all surveys and studies and decides on the viability of development. In the event that mineral extraction can be accomplished profitably Cascadero will then take on a partner for the actual mining phase. Lately the company has been very involved in surveys and prospecting in Argentina. The company currently has ongoing operations involving Cesium, Arsenic and Thalium and is exploring new opportunities in the geo-thermal energy sector. Robert C. thanked Judith.

- 50/50/happy/sad/fines: no winners, no losers.

Meeting adjourned.