- President Ardath welcome one and all to breakfast.

- Pres. Ardath exchanged Club banners with Mr. Amin Shah and his son Dr. Faiz Shah from the RC Hong Kong Happy Valley.


- Rotary Moment: Ted M. spoke today on the history of the Rotary Foundation.

  • In 1917 RI Pres. Arch Klumpf proposed an endowment be established for the purpose of Service projects.
  • The first grant made by the endowment went to a service initiative that went on to become The Easter Seals Campaign, the amount: $500.00.
  • In 1928 the endowment fund was renamed The Rotary Foundation.
  • From the first donation of $26.00 the Foundation has gone on to become one of the largest charitable endowments with over one billion dollars in assets.

- Club Treasurer Ted M. presented a cheque from the Club for $2000.00 to the Mood Disorders Association of BC representative Sophia Van Norden. The MDA has been active for 25 years in B.C. helping those with psychological and mood disorders to find resources, treatment, information and support.


- Our Club's Rotary Ride for Rescue is scheduled for June 8th, Ride organizers will be holding an organizing meeting in the next two weeks to work out schedules and logistics, Karen H. will advise on time and venue for the meeting.


- Junior Club Member Teanna Wong presented the Club with a cheque for $411.00.

Teanna and her schoolmates at Collingwood School raised the money with a Pennies for Polio campaign.

Thank you Teanna and all your friends for your support for millions of children around the world that will benefit from your caring and kindness. 


- This morning the Club had the pleasure of inducting Tara O'Connor as an Honorary Member before she departed on a voyage to Asia.

- We are all hopeful that Tara will become an active member upon her return.


- The Club installation dinner will take place June 20th at the West Van Yacht Club, the regular meeting for that day will be cancelled.

- Club member Brian M. introduced today's Guest Speaker Paul Christensen from the Lift the Children organization. Lift the Children was established by Paul and a partner to help impoverished children in Africa.

Paul's first encounter with child poverty was in Kenya where he visited Nairobi's largest slum neighbourhood and saw for himself the plight of these children. The children and their families have little or no access to nutrition, clean water, health services and education, whatsoever. Disease and illiteracy eliminate the childrens' chances for a happy and fulfilled life. 

On starting out Paul began his efforts to help by engaging the community in small but vital and effective projects to improve the area and the quality of life of the people who lived there. Over time Lift the Children began to expand their reach  in Nairobi, They established classrooms, a library and feeding centre that now serves 1500 children. Paul and his partner are now working with children in Ethiopia and Uganda as well as their ongoing efforts in Kenya.

Lift the Children now supports 14000 children in 92 orphanages in Africa. The organization is looking forward to developing schools for thousands of more children. For more information please visit: www.liftthechildren.org.


 Michael U. thanked Paul of Lift the Children for joining us today.


- 50/50/happy/sad/fines: no winners, no losers.

Meeting adjourned.