Samsara Foundation, Thailand has started to execute the project funded by your foundation.

We have ordered the 3 clean water installations in Chonburi near Bangkok. (At some of the pictures you will see 10 water installations of which another donor paid for 7)

They have all been transported to the house of Ratana Keunkeauw, volunteer for Samsara in Chiangmai, where the names of our foundations were put on the cleaning machine and the PVC tank.

After that the installations are transported to one school in the mountains, where we built a clean water installation two months ago for another donor.

There Ratana and an expert in this field organised on the 19th of February a training ‘How to install and how to maintain a clean water installation” to all 3 school directors, who came to that school that day.

Every school received a contract to sign and 10,000 baht. They have to make a wall with water taps and they need to install the installation at their schools.

All 3 clean water installations need to be finished the third week of May 2013.