The concept of Vocational Service is as follows:

  • living up to the highest ethical standard in your professional life
  • recognizing the worthiness of all useful occupations
  • dignifying each Rotarians occupation as an opportunity to serve.  Whatever our profession we always have an opportunity to serve our community in some capacity.

Vocational Service is a fundamental component of being a true Rotarian. Why?...Because not only do we as Rotarians make an impact in the world by championing causes and helping others, we also have a responsibility to carry our good work into our own professional lives with integrity, honour, ethics and a strong moral compass.

So how can we foster this concept of Vocational Service?

  • by taking time to learn about your fellow Rotarians professions and encourage them to hold themselves to the highest ethical standard.
  • Use your professional skills to serve a community.
  • Practice your profession with integrity and inspire others to behave ethically.
  • Help a young person achieve his or her career aspirations.
  • Guide and encourage others in their professional development.

Two easy to use tools to use in your personal and professional lives:

1.  Remember the Four Way Test when making decisions.  Ask yourself these four questions:

  • Is it the Truth
  • Is it fair to all concerned
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned

2.  Understand and live by the Rotary Code of Conduct.

  • Have integrity in everything you do.
  • Use your talents and skills to serve Rotary
  • Conduct your business and personal life with integrity
  • Always be fair and respectful
  • Promote respect and recognition for all usefull occupations
  • Use your professional skills to help young people and improve the quality of life in your community.
  • Never do anything to bring shame to the Rotary Family.
  • Do NOT seek privledge or advantage from your Rotary relationships.