President Robert welcomed one and all to breakfast.
Our guest this week was Ken Wilson's Brother:Image
	Club stalwarts Jacci M. and Pres. Robert C. were on hand to help out with last weekends Rotary Ride from Brentwood to Harrison Lake. The bicycle tour is a project of the Rotary Club of Vancouver and benefits the St. Paul's Hospital Hearing Centre.
	The Rotary Club of Bowen Island will be hosting a social gathering: a picnic is being held on Bowen Island August 17; details to follow. The RC Bowen Island is also looking for the temporary use of one Garmin GPS Model 2 for its' Community Service Project, The Club will be creating a guide to the hiking trails of the Island.
	The Rotary Club of Calgary West is seeking donations for Flood Relief in their city and surrounding areas, our Club Board will be considering the request.
	Rotary Learning Institute modules 1, 2 and 3 will be presented September 28th in Burnaby, venue and times will be provided as the date approaches.
	The Club Board will meet July 30th in the amenities room at Ted M.'s residence.
	Todays' meeting was a Club discussion of our Strategic Plan. President Robert opened the discussion with comments on the Club and District goals for the near future. Topics discussed regarding our Club plan included:
1) Fundraising: our recent fundraising efforts were assessed for their merits and problems, it was noted that our Rotary Ride has increased both participation and revenue steadily in the three years it has been held. Project Partnerships and Global Grants are being considered as sources of funding for various projects.
2) Club Duties: the roles of each Board member have been defined and it is noted that the Club receives excellent participation in all its' Service efforts whether they be Rotary, community or personal commitments to the requests of any Club member.
3) Service projects and events: the Club will be building on the success of our Rotary Ride and a discussion was held on the possibility of a social event coordinated to introduce prospective members to the Club.
4) Public Relations: Special note was given to the outstanding work done by Club member Chris Loat for his work in bringing our Club into the world of social-media, the Club will continue to work towards raising the profile and public awareness of Rotary and our Club.
5) New Generations: the Club is completing its' adoption of the Rotary New Generations philosophy, Chair Karen Harrison has done outstanding work with youth and the community in this regard and has been instrumental in bringing the Club forward.
6) Membership: discussion centred on the need for more members to share the load of all our efforts, the Club expressed concern about 'burnout' among current members and set a tentative goal of 30 full members by the end of the Rotary year 2013-2014, alternate membership types (corporate etc.) are also being investigated.
	In closing President Robert urges all members to take time to consider all aspects of the Club Strategic Plan and bring any ideas, suggestions or comments to his attention and he will ensure full Club participation in any discussions.
	50/50/happy/sad/fines: no winners, no losers.
Meeting adjourned.