President Ardath welcomed one and all to the last meeting of her year.

Rotary moment: Karen H. gave us some statistics about Rotary International: Worldwide the average Club has 36 members, as of July 2001 8.7% of Rotarians were women, by June 2012 that number had risen to 17.7%, in 2001 39 of the 517 Rotary Districts had female DG's, by 2012 there were 90 female DG's of 532 Districts.

The RC Vancouver will hold its' annual Bike Marathon Fundraiser from Brentwood to Harrison Lake to benefit the St. Paul's Hospital Hearing Centre.

Member Ted M. gave us the numbers on our Ride for Rotary over the three years it has taken place: 2011 - $17450.00 raised, 2012 - $30500.00 raised, and 2013 $34735 raised, expenses dropped from $7510.00 in 2012 to $6700.00 in 2013. 
Members of the North Shore Rescue group will attend next week's meeting to accept our cheque in support of their work.

MLA Ralph Sultan sends his thanks to the Club for our Ride for Rotary.

Ian and Mary Rose send their thanks to the Club for supporting their fundraiser for Myasthenis Gravis.

Rockridge Interactor Blake Henderson thanked the Club for his Scholarship award and gave a big thank-you to Karen Harrison for her mentoring and guidance to the Rockridge Interactors.
Scholarship student Maya Robinson from West Vancouver Secondary School thanked the Club for her award, Maya worked with Project Share as a student and will be attending the University of Victoria in the fall.

Scholarship student Katy Atherholt from Rockridge Secondary thanked the Club for her award, Katy worked with the Free the Children organization and will be attending the University of Calgary.
Todays' guest speaker was former Sunrise member Mary Lee Stephenson: Mary Lee spoke to us about her project: Art from the Edge. Mary Lee has begun helping marginialized First Nations artists from the Downtown East Side. Mary Lee met her first contacts while doing homelessness surveys in Vancouver's poorest community. Initially she would purchase art as a way to help and support the artists. Seeing an opportunity to do even more Mary Lee expanded her efforts to expose the work and provide a much needed source of income for the artists. Mary Lee set up a website to increase the exposure of the artists' work and create awareness. Carnegie Centre in Vancouver has been very helpful to Mary Lee to make contact with these artists.

The tragic lives lived by many of Canada's First Nations peoples are well known to all of us, the broken families and terrible legacy of the Residential Schools continue to take their toll on many of Canada's aboriginals. Mary Lee's efforts, to mitigate these circumstances, is an outstanding example of 'Service Above Self'. Thank you Mary Lee for your example to all of us. www.indianartfromtheedge.com

50/50/happy/sad/fines: no winners, no losers. Meeting adjourned.