4 simple ways to donate to The Rotary Foundation


Mar 03, 2013

Donating to The Rotary Foundation is simple - here are 4 ways to make your donation

Gifts of any size to The Rotary Foundation are appreciated and will support educational, humanitarian, and cultural programs and projects throughout the world. By donating to The Rotary Foundation, you support Rotary's areas of focus, which help advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

Contributions to the Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) initiative, are the primary source of funding for Foundation programs.

There are several ways to contribute to Rotary's efforts.

1.     Donate online - Go to www.Rotary.org/contribute or to www.TRFCanada.org and click on donate.  You need a credit card and need to have a member access account on the RI website – which is very easy to set up. 

a.     Both websites take you to the same donation page.  It is no longer required that online donations be made at the TRF Canada website.  Once you log in the system it will issue a Canadian tax receipt. You and your club will get the appropriate credit.
b.    It is recommended you make your donation in Canadian dollars.  You can make it in US dollars but most credit card companies charge a 2.5% fee plus exchange rate. The official RI exchange rate is posted every month and is generally better than the bank rate.
c.     If you do not have a member access account click HERE.  Your club secretary has your individual membership number. With member access you can also see a record of your past donations, register for RI meetings and access the RI directory. 

2.     Send a cheque – you can donate to The Rotary Foundation by cheque (or credit card). Download and fill out the donation form - Click HERE.  It is recommended you only send a cheque in Canadian dollars. The Rotary Foundation Canada is charged an additional administrative fee for processing US cheques.  Also the donor is frequently charged an additional fee by their bank.  Put your member ID number and club name on the back of the cheque.  Please don’t include any correspondence with your donation. Send this separately to the appropriate office. Attach a cheque or fill out credit card information and send to the Toronto address on the form.

The address to mail doation is:
c/o 911600
PO Box 4090 STN A,

3.     Donate by Phone – donations will be accepted at the Rotary Contact Center. Have a credit card ready and phone 866-9-Rotary (866-976-8279) Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.  This office is in the US but they transfer the data to Rotary Foundation Canada and a Canadian tax receipt will be sent. 

4.     Rotary Direct - Enroll in The Rotary Foundation’s recurring giving program, Rotary Direct, and save time and money. Select an amount, frequency (monthly, quarterly or annually), and contribution method that is convenient for you.  

a.     Enrollment is integrated with the Foundation’s secure online contribution system.
b.    The Rotary Foundation will send you a Canadian tax receipt annually for your Rotary Direct contributions. Click to download a paper enrollment form. For information please Email: contact.center@rotary.org or phone 866-9-ROTARY.  

You can direct your donation to various different Rotary Foundation charitable funds. If you direct your donation to the Annual Program Fund - SHARE, 50% of the funds are made available to District 5040 Rotary clubs for Rotary Foundation District and Global Grants. 

You can also direct your donation to PolioPlus, the Permanent Fund (Endowment Fund) or one of the six areas of focus of The Rotary Foundation however these funds go directly to support these programs and are not available for all types of grants.