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Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise

Proceedings of the Meeting of May 8, 2014

O Canada


Invocation:  Sam


Guests/Visitors:  Jason Westlake





  • Karen H. introduced today’s speaker Business Coach and Trainer Jason Westlake. Mr. Westlake’s business takes clients to the Amazon rain forest and trains them in the skills of decision making and problem solving. Jason’s recalls that his first trip to the jungle was filled with the fear of everything, the jungle, the animals and the insects. He had volunteered for a scientific research expedition and the two month experience changed his life. Jason was overwhelmed by the lushness of life there; the animals, insects, reptiles and plants all combined to created an environment that filled him with awe and energy. Seeing the potential of giving the experience to others Jason formed his company. The expeditions teach business people to accept their intuitions and how to survive through teamwork, cooperation and problem solving. Participants in the expedition learn to accept the physical perils and the pleasures of the environment, and this acceptance improves their judgement and problem solving abilities and leads to better decision making. Brian K. thanked Jason.


Club Business:

  • Rotary Moment: Esther Del V. brought us up to date on the PolioPlus campaign. Some setbacks have occurred due to the continued unrest in the Middle East , parts of SE Asia and Africa. Because of the conflict in Syria Polio is threatening to spread to surrounding countries in the Levant while resistance to the immunization program has meant new cases in countries such as Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Cameroon and Ethiopia.

Brian K. spoke briefly about the National Day of Honour for Canadian troops that participated in the 

  • Afghanistan campaign. Prior to Canada’s involvement in the region there were only 700,000 Afghanis in school, none of them women. Thanks to the efforts of the Canadian military there are now 6,000,000 Afghanis attending schools and 30% are women. In addition 66% of the population now has access to medical care in the area in which they live.
  • Karen H. asks that all Club members advise her of their availability for the Ride for Rescue June 7th.
  • Happy/Sad/50/50: everyone is a winner.


Meeting adjourned.