- President Ardath welcome one and all to breakfast.

- Honorary member Tara O'connor returned from her voyage to Japan and presented President Ardath with a Tokyo Rotary Club banner. Welcome back Tara.

- Club members flew the colors at West Vancouver Community Day. Sam Chan organized this years' information booth at Ambleside Park bringing ice cream and information. A big thanks goes out to everyone for helping out.

- Member Ted M. brings thanks and greetings from the people at the Mood Disorders Assoc. of BC, our donation has helped support workshops and materials for the Associations' work with this health issue.

- Todays' guest speaker was Gem Munro from the Amarok Society.  The Amarok Society was created by Gem and his wife Dr. Tanyss Munro to promote education and literacy. Operating in Bangladesh the Society educates local women to become community teachers. The women first receive a general education focusing on literacy, numeracy and basic science. The women then return to their community and provide schooling for five children each. The Society's goal is not only the education of the women and their pupils: the empowerment of women is also an objective. The women of Bangladesh are extremely oppressed by religious and cultural customs and values. Amarok recognizes that one of the largest causes of most social ills is illiteracy and ignorance. Education is perhaps the single most important key to cultural harmony and global peace. The Society has also been successful in establishing thirteen larger community schools, each school educates 30 children per year with an annual operating cost of $9500.00. Club member Don Mitchell thanked Gem and his son Gabriel for addressing us today.

- 50/50/happy/sad/fines: no winners, no losers.

Meeting adjourned.