- President Ardath welcome one and all to breakfast.

- The Club has made a donation to an upcoming fundraiser for Myasthenia Gravis. Former Club member Ian Rose has recently been diagnosed with the illness and his wife Mary is fundraising for research into the disease and support for its' sufferers. 

- Club Board members will meet June 21st 08:00h at the Michieli residence.

- Intl. Service Director Esther Del V. reports that the Club water project in northwest Thailand is complete. The project brought clean water systems to three schools in the region of the Thai Myanmar border.

- Club Treasurer Ted M. reports that the Club finances are in good order. Club administration is on budget, fundraising is meeting its' targets and all accounts are in good order.

- Club member Ken W. reports that the Rotary Club of Ladner is preparing an container load of medical equipment and supplies for shipment to an impoverished area of Chile. The logisitics are being handled by the Rotary World Help Network and the cost will be $8000.00 with our Club contributing $1000.00.

- Member Karen H. presented the Club with a banner from the Rotary Club of Gombak Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Karen attended a make-up while visiting her son and daugher-in-law in KL.

- Future Generations Director Karen H. presented an RI Presidential Citation to Rockridge Interactors Sam G. and Alex K. this morning. The Citation is in recognition of achievements made by the Rockridge Interact Club.

- Adventures in Citizenship delegates Alexa Ku and Cameron Chernecki presented a slide show on their 'adventure' in Ottawa this year. Cam and Alexa were among 217 delegates to the annual Rotary even, a total of 23 delegates were sent from B.C. The adventure was filled with events, speakers and tours. Delegates were welcomed to the House of Parliament and the Senate, participated in a Citizenship Ceremony and toured Ottawa. Over the course of the adventure the delegates heard guest speakers and participated in various 'citizens and citizenship forums' including holding a 'Federal' election. The Adventures program encourages young people to take the idea of citizenship seriously, to be aware of the roots of the Canadian confederation and democracy, and to understand the rights, priveleges and obligations of citizenship. Cam and Alexa thanked the Club for the opportunity to participate in the Adventure.

- 50/50/happy/sad/fines: no winners, no losers.

Meeting adjourned.