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  Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise



Proceedings of the meeting on:




O Canada

Invocation:  Sam and Gordon.

Guests/Visitors:  Russell Sho, Otto Rieve.


Speaker: President Robert introduced Club member Gordon Bird. Gordon’s topic this morning was Insurance. Gordon covered the three main reasons or needs for insurance that most people encounter. Motor vehicle insurance is a must for all, Gordon cautions that a minimum of $2 million liability is prudent, that vehicle owners must apprise themselves on the insurance caveats regarding 2nd or 3rd drivers and to always consult a legal professional in the event of an accident. Homeowners should be aware that a replacement value listed on a policy may not be a realistic estimate of the cost to rebuild and to guide themselves accordingly. Finally on travel insurance Gordon advises consulting an insurance specialist when purchasing this type of coverage as travel-agent purchased policies may not cover many types of situations, this is especially important when purchasing travel-health policies.

Club Business:

·      President Robert welcomed one and all to the meeting.

·      Rotary Moment: the Club briefly noted the eradication of Polio from India after three years of zero new infections. The various Rotary community groups were in the spotlight today.

·      Ms. Norrish from Covenant House has contacted the Club to thank us for the opportunity to speak and to ask for our support for their work. The Club will be discussing the matter and extending an invitation to the Rockridge Interact Club to consider support also.

·      Work parties on the Rotary traffic circle garden will resume again this year.

       The annual Rotary International Significant Achievment Awards are being prepared for 2013- 

·      2014, the Club will be submitting a report on our activities.

·      Members are reminded of this year’s District Conference May 22nd in Squamish.

·      50/50/happy/sad/fines: no winners, no losers.

Meeting adjourned.