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  Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise

O Canada

Invocation:  Sam

Guests/Visitors:  Dr. Ross Lockhart, friends and family members of the Club, Season’s Greetings to all and thanks for joining us!


Speaker: Past President Ardath Paxton-Mann introduced the Reverend Dr. Ross Lockhart, West Vancouver United Church. Today Dr. Lockhart took us on an historical journey from St. Nicholas to Santa Claus. The historical St. Nicholas was born in Turkey in the 3rd century c.e. to a wealthy family. The child was orphaned at a young age and was left with considerable wealth. Growing up St. Nicholas used his means to help the sick and needy around him and ministered to all. The Church made him the Bishop of Myra at a very young age. Nicholas was persecuted by the Roman emperor Diocletian during his life and died on Dec. 6th, now St. Nicholas’ Day. Moving forward to the 19th century we see the beginnings of the ‘elfin’ image of who we now call Santa Claus. The character described by Washington Irving in the 1800’s evolved into the stereotypical image we have today, standardized by the image produced by the Coca Cola company in the 1920’s. The nature of the holiday surrounding St. Nicholas and Santa Claus has evolved as well, from a simple celebration of the birth of Jesus to the tradition of gift giving first started by St. Nicholas in the 3rd century. Brian Kerr thanked Ross for speaking to us today.

Club Business:

·      President Robert bade one and all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year and added an interesting bit of trivia: the Club was chartered Dec. 6th 1989, St. Nicholas’ Day.

·      President Robert thanked the Club for all the good work done at the Seniors’ Christmas Luncheon

Club member and DGE Ken Wilson inducted a new member into the Rotary Club of West Vancouver


·      Sunrise this morning: Guillermo Schwartz. Guillermo was proposed for membership and sponsored by Club member Bob Michieli. Guillermo: welcome to the Club and we are all very grateful for your commitment to Service and the Club.

·      Sgt. at Arms Gordon Bird worked the crowd, cajoling happy and sad dollars, levying fines and all in the spirit of the season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Meeting adjourned.