Past President Brian Kerr addressed the Club this morning, the topic: How the Battle of Vimy Ridge united Canada. During the first World War Canada’s population was only 7.5 million people but the nation’s contribution of fighting men and women was well above the per capita contributions of all allied nations. The war was called ‘the war to end all wars’ and it was an horrific and brutal one. The conditions in the trenches were cold, wet, filthy and rat infested. The Canadians took the battle of Vimy Ridge after other allied troops had tried. The Canadian triumph came from a combination of better communications, more planning and rehearsal, higher troop awareness of plans and objectives, a great amount of intelligence on enemy strength and disposition, and more advanced strategies in the prosection of battlefield tactics. After a seven day artillery barrage the Canadian soldiers advanced on enemy trenches following a ‘creeping barrage’. Within two hours two Canadian divisions had achieved there objectives and the battle was soon won. As a result of Canadian participation in the war as an independent nation and because of the esprit and courage shown by Canadian soldiers the nation back home developed a keen sense of itself as a dominion and no longer a colony.

Club Business:

·           Rotary Moment: Past President Ardath spoke this morning about New Generations. Ardath took time to remind us of our obligation to encourage and mentor young people. The Club this year is sponsoring Adventures in Citizenship, RYLA, and youth participation in the upcoming District Conference. Rockridge Interact is extremely active: Xmas fundraiser sent $2000.00 to ShelterBox, service work in the Downtown East Side, participation in the Rotary Ride as volunteers and riders!

·           ADG Terry le Houllier joined us today to remind the Club of the upcoming LionsGate Rotary Fashion show to benefit the Bali school project. The four year project will be complete in 2015. The Fashion Show is May 8th, Lexus Showroom at the North Van Automall. Tickets available through any LG Rotarian.

·           Rotary Ride: Once again Cowboy Coffee has stepped up to the plate with another great sponsorship contribution, the promo material is ready and being distributed, volunteers please stay in touch with Karen H. regarding flyer distributions.

·           Club Induction Dinner: June 26th, West Vancouver Yacht Club.

·           Happy/Sad/Fines: we gave till it felt good.